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LAVA is a full service ambulatory practice providing over 50 years of combined veterinary experience. While each veterinarian at LAVA is competent in all aspects of large animal care, they each have specific areas of interest. This allows for a more well rounded practice and better care for your equine companions. We feel that the most important service we offer is “Service Itself”. We strive to have helpful caring staff members anxious to answer all your questions and concerns. Our doctors are kind, caring, approachable and accessible. A doctor is always on call to provide after hours care and consultation when needed.

Dart Guns

LAVA is equipped with two types of dart guns for sedating horses that are wild, loose or fractious. This equipment has been vital over the years with wild horses in the farthest corners of East County, assisting the San Diego Humane Society with loose, unrestrainable horses and with the occasional horse person that has adopted a wild horse or burro.

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Dental care

All vehicles carry motorized dental equipment. This is an exciting and constantly advancing area of equine health care. Our vets have been practicing advanced dental techniques for over a decade. Conditions such as over/under bites, malocclusions, impacted wolf teeth, tooth extractions, dental performance aids and oral radiographs are routinely performed by the vets at LAVA.

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LAVA has endoscopy capability allowing evaluation of the upper airway and guttural pouches for conditions such as guttural pouch empyema, laryngeal paralysis, soft palate displacement, entrapped epiglottis and pharyngitis. This equipment may also be used to evaluate the oral cavity as well as the vaginal vault of the mare.

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Lameness Evaluation

Lameness diagnosis and treatment is an important part of any equine practice. At LAVA we strive to stay ahead of the curve with the most recent diagnostics and treatment modalities to assist your equine companion to return to soundness and performance. Diagnostics as stated above including digital radiography, ultrasound imaging, advanced nerve and joint/bursa blocks all help to reach the correct diagnosis. Then it is time for the treatment, be it conservative management or advanced procedures such as stem cell therapy, platelet rich protein or shock wave therapy, we at LAVA are prepared to assist you with the treatment path best for you and your equine companion.

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In the last few years with all of the natural disasters permanent identification has grown in importance. We offer AVID microchips and registration with Horse-Tracs.

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Prepurchase Exam

While the process of purchasing a new equine companion is a joyful and exciting time, it is often a time of stress and uncertainty. Our goal at LAVA is to provide you, the buyer, with the most in-depth evaluation possible. We strive to acquire all the necessary objective information we can to help you make an educated decision on the purchase of your next companion or performance horse. We consult with you regarding the results of the exam and the anticipated intended use of the horse being evaluated. Several prepurchase exam options are offered to help meet the unique needs of every prospective buyer. Depending on the situation and the intended use of the horse, numerous additional tests and procedures are available as add on services for the exam including survey radiographs and ultrasound imaging, laboratory panels and drug testing. The doctors at LAVA are versed with all riding disciplines and breeds of horses including gaited horses to provide you with the most thorough exam possible.

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Preventative Care

A very necessary and often over looked component of equine care is Wellness Care. We pride ourselves on our Preventative Care Program. A program tailored to the needs of our equine companions and their busy human guardians.

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Each vehicle is equipped with portable radiographic equipment and the office is equipped with an automatic x-ray processing machine for quick, properly developed films. In addition, we offer the state of the art digital radiography at your location. We work with Equine Digital Imaging to provide you with the most advanced digital radiographic hardware and software. Images are then evaluated by one or all of the veterinarians at LAVA and in some cases by Board Certified Equine Radiologists to give you the most accurate assessment of the digital survey.

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Reproductive Services

Large Animal Veterinary Associates provide a wide range of reproductive services. On the stallion side, our services include stallion care and management, semen collection, semen evaluation and semen shipping. On the mare side, we deal with all aspects of reproduction short of embryo transfer. We provide mare care for cycle synchronization, breeding preparation (uterine cultures, intrauterine therapy, uterine biopsy), artificial insemination and frozen semen insemination. All vehicles carry ultrasound machines essential for diagnosing many subtle uterine conditions and for early pregnancy diagnosis. We also provide complete mare gestational care and pre/peri and post partum mare care.

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Surgical Procedures

In the field surgeries include castrations including cryptorchids (retained testicles), dental tooth extractions, sinus flushing, tendon and ligament procedures, laceration and trauma repair, eye surgery and hoof surgery such as hoof wall resection and street nail procedures. In many cases, multiple doctors will address a surgery providing anesthesia and assistance with surgery.

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Each vehicle is equipped with ultrasound equipment allowing on the spot advanced diagnostics of conditions such as early pregnancy and twin pregnancy diagnosis, abscess evaluation, tendon and ligament injuries and abdominal and thoracic surveys.

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