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Preventicare Program

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The Preventative Care Program (PCP) was developed to provide our clients with a solid wellness care protocol providing attention to the four pillars of equine care: Nutrition, Dentistry, Vaccinations and Anthelmintics (parasite control).

The PCP provides two ranch visits per year. A physical exam is performed on the horse, during this exam is the perfect time for the owner to ask questions regarding the care of the horse and draw attention to particular conditions unique to this particular horse. Nutrition and other aspects of care can be discussed at this time as well. The horse is then inoculated with the appropriate vaccinations. Dewormers are provided to the owner for administration during the following months.

Dental care is provided for the horse at one of the two ranch visits. This is extremely important for both feed utilization and performance. Geldings will have the sheath cleaned at the same time they are sedated for the oral exam and dental care.

Other services can be added to the PCP for additional fees. An example of this would be other vaccinations that are deemed necessary for your particular equine companion.

Below is a list of services provided with the PCP.


  • 2 Ranch Calls
  • 1 Physical Exam
  • 1 5-way vaccination
  • 1 Flu/Rhino vaccination
  • 2 West Nile Virus vaccinations
  • 1 Teeth Float with Sedation
  • 1 Sheath Cleaning (geldings & stallions only)
  • 6 Dewormers (Mailed every other month according to rotation.)
Dewormer Months
Anthelcide MAR/SEPT
Strongid JAN/JULY
Ivermectin MAY/NOV

With a value of over $800.00, the cost is only $495.00 * for geldings and/or stallions and only $470.00* for mares. That’s a savings of over 40%!

Please call our office at (619) 590-1991 or (760) 789-6845 regarding rates for having multiple horses on the Preventicare Program.

Just call to schedule your first visit with any of our three veterinarians.

*This program does NOT include any emergency visits, work performed by another doctor or additional vaccinations.