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It’s mild, safe and easy to administer. It’s useful for a variety of situations such as shoeing, body clipping, bridle path trimming, mane pulling, or sheath cleaning. It’s administered from a single-dose syringe underneath the tongue, so dosing is simplified and there’s no hassle with needles. Not only is it a safe alternative to physical restraint, it’s more effective and more predictable than other methods. It delivers consistent results for your horse each time it is used. Prescribed by your veterinarian, Dormosedan Gel is a safe, effective way for you to administer a mild, standing sedative based on your veterinarian’s guidance. Available in single-dose┬áneedleless syringes, this FDA-approved oral gel formulation can only be obtained through a veterinary prescription from your horse’s veterinarian, but it will still give you the freedom to use it if needed. If you’d like to learn more about Dormosedan Gel, click here.