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Reproduction and foaling

What Is a High-Risk Foal?

A “high risk” foal is one that has increased potential for developing a problem after birth. Foals in one or more of the following categories should be considered at risk: foals from mares which have a history of abortion. foals from mares which have a history of producing weak or sick foals. foals from mares […]

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Postpartum Care of the Foal

The birth of a foal is an exciting time for an owner, and there are a few guidelines to assist with caring for the new arrival. After the birth it is important to allow the mare and foal time to rest and bond with minimal interference. If the foal has not broken the membranes soon […]

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The Three Stages of Parturition of the Mare Including Prenatal Mare Care and Immediate Postnatal Care of the Foal

I. Care of the Pregnant Mare: Deworming every two months, rotating dewormers to prevent parasite resistance. Immunization Program Rhinopneumonitis vaccine at 5-7-9 months to prevent viral abortion. Tetanus, Influenza, Encephalitis vaccine at 10 months to boost immune status and maximize colostrum levels of protection. II. Normal Parturition: Mammary gland begins filling 30-45 days prior to […]

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Preparing Your Mare for Foaling

Preparing for the arrival of a new foal is an exciting and daunting prospect for most owners. Fortunately mother nature takes her course and the majority of foalings occur with minimal or no complications, but owners can be prepared in a variety of ways to make sure everything runs smoothly. To begin, owners can ensure […]

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It’s Time to Get My Mare Ready to Breed

It’s the time of year to begin thinking about breeding your mare. Assuming that you have already chosen a stallion and the time of year that you want your foal to be born, we will now set up a “game plan” to get your mare ready. First, we need to get the mare into heat. […]

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Mare Reproduction Q & A

1. Do you recommend culturing maiden mares? Generally speaking, no. If conformation of the vulva is normal and the mare is in good shape, we do not feel it necessary. Exceptions may include a mare in her teens. 2. Does my mare have to be in heat to take a culture? It is preferable to […]

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