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About Us - Larry Catt, D.V.M.

Larry Catt, D.V.M. was born and raised in Gaylord, a small town in northern Michigan, about 50 miles south of the Mackinac Bridge. After graduating from High School in 1974 Dr. Catt attended Michigan State University graduating in 1978 with a degree in Physiology. Following a visit to Jackson Hole Wyoming during the summer of 1978, he decided that this could be a really nice place to “hang out” for a couple years. After waiting tables, skiing, hiking, and mountain climbing for two years he decided to head back to MSU to begin Veterinary School in the fall of 1980.

Dr. Catt spent much of his high school years and early college years showing and training Quarter Horses. His horse interest began in his early childhood. He gave trail rides at a nearby stable beginning at the age of nine. School artwork from as early as first grade demonstrated that being a veterinarian was the life destined for him.

Upon graduation from veterinary school in 1984, Dr. Catt moved to Southern California to begin his career as an equine veterinarian. He would gladly tell you that the profession has been extremely satisfying, and he has never had a day that it was difficult getting out of bed to go to work. Now after practicing for over 25 years he still looks forward to each day. The client relationships and friendships that have developed over the years are the highlight of his professional career.

Dr. Catt has special veterinary interest in lameness and reproduction. He greatly appreciates the satisfaction enjoyed by the birth of a newborn foal. But, the greatest aspect of veterinary medicine is that each day is different, and so far, after all these years, it still excites him.

Away from veterinary medicine, Dr. Catt has a passion for hiking, mountain climbing, golf with his son, and photography. You can see some of his photos at

Dr. Catt was recently featured in an ITV production of Math in the Real World.  If you’d like to see Dr. Catt in action, click here.

Currently, his wife, Ellen, is a practicing veterinarian, his daughter, Emily, is a sophomore in college, and his son, Christopher, is a junior in high school.

As a veterinarian Dr. Catt feels extremely grateful to be doing a “job” that he loves, to be surrounded by great clients (friends), and to be able to work in an environment where no more than a sweatshirt is needed in the evening when going out on emergencies. Quite seriously, he has sincere thanks and gratitude to his clients for their support and trust for over 25 years. It is humbling to think about and realize the number of lives that have been touched over the years, the hugs, the tears, the joy, and the memories. Thank you.