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A Letter from Dr. Catt

Dear Clients,

I, Larry Catt, wanted to share a personal story about my daughter’s horse, Shuayla. Shuayla was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease and Insulin Resistance at the age of 19.  I submitted a PPID (Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction) test which is a diagnostic test for Cushing’s and includes an Insulin resistance test. Both results were significantly positive.

I wanted to share how we changed her diet and the medicine’s that she has been on since her diagnosis, and how successful the treatment has been. Her diet is grass hay only to reduce sugar intake, and Integrity Senior which is low starch (low sugars) for the Insulin Resistance. She receives Strongid C2X daily as a dewormer, Prascend (Pergolide treatment for Cushing’s), Platinum Performance Equine, and Platinum Metabolic Support, which helps with sugar and carbohydrate metabolism.

The dietary changes and the Pergolide treatment for Insulin Resistance and Cushing’s are “Normal” treatments for horses diagnosed with these diseases. However, I feel strongly that Shuayla would not look as well as she does and not have the hair coat and attitude that she has without the benefit of the Platinum Performance and Platinum Metabolic.

We see consistent improvements in hair coat, overall condition, and attitude with horses that are being supplemented with the Platinum Performance.

These photos were taken about 3-4 months apart following treatment as described above. Shuayla is now 24 years old and looks like a 10-12 year old horse.

@Shuayla Post Treatment@Shuayla Pre Treatment

Platinum Performance has recently introduced a program, EQCO, for horse owners providing up to $10,000 toward colic surgery if your horse is on the Platinum Performance and qualifies for the program. Both Dr. Martin and I are believers in Platinum Performance. If you have any interest in introducing this product into your horse’s daily diet, please call the office. Oh, by the way, both Kathie and Amy have their horses on Platinum Performance products, too.

Thank you for your continued trust and support.

Most Sincerely,

Larry Catt